>How old are you?

>What kind of education do you have?
I finished high school when i was 17 and didnt have the spirit or energy
to continue and go to university etc.. i'm just a lazy bastard..

>When was the first time you connected to the net?
Back in 94/95 i guess..b'ART Internet just started and i knew the people
working on it.. they gave me a free account and i got connected.

>Do you drive a car? if yes what type then
No.. i don't even have a license yet..
I'm planning to get one before the end of this year and drive a BMW 3 series compact.. according to my calculations i should have the money (if the license thingy goes right) to buy one.Ok.. i know it's a pretty lame model with only two doors but it's new and.. it's a BMW... ;)

>What was your first computer?
Kangeroo IBM XT compatible.. I was about ten.

>What is the best site of the net?
www.aex.nl .. it is (to Dutch standards) the most developed and functional
website to date and since i got my stocks i can't do without it.

>What is the most fuckedup-owned-by-lamers-and-scriptkiddy's website of the internet?

>Favourite tv show?
I don't watch TV that much but in my spare useless time i like to watch
Springer, Golden Girls and lots of discovery channel (crocodile hunter

>Favourite music?
Mr Manson does just fine but for the more deep experiences i like Air..

>What is your motivation and who are examples for you? 
The never ending, ever expanding, growth of technical facilities
and the lack of security awareness of so many.

>How many hours are you online a day? 
Business related 6 to 8 hours and 2 hours for 'own' use

>If you had to chose: Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez or a t1
connection...??? and did you actually had to think about it?
Mhh.. have to think about that..

>What computers do you have and what os's do you run on them?
I prefer windows NT for the regular work, no OS to date can compete with NT when it comes to 'easy' and 'user friendly'. But for the serious network related stuff i can't do without some sort of *nix.. Right next to my NT machines i have a machine running FreeBSD and one running Solaris x86. I'm a big FreeBSD fan, BSD kicks Linux' ass..it's better, more stable, faster, more proffesional and it's UNIX for real..To me BSD and BMW are much alike.. ;) Oh.. i forgot to mention PalmOS.. it's the #1 handheld OS for me..

>If you had to chose: Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez or a t1
connection...??? did you had to think about it????
Relax, still thinking..

>How did you get the name Acos? and did you have other nicks before?
Ah.. just my initials.. I use Acos or my real name.. i'm not such a 'nick' kinda guy..

>For how long have you been active in the dutch hacking scene?
I've been an insider for about 4 years now...

>If you had to chose: Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez or a t1
connection...??? did you had to think about it?
Ok.. i'd choose Britney since the t1 line is not available in the
Netherlands... ;)

>What are your connections with klaphek and h4h? and tell us about your
other connections  you have?
I''ve been a Klaphek member for almost a year but my other activities on the
Net swallowed most of my time so i decided it would be better to let
somebody else do the job..
I'm not related to h4h.

>How many time's do you brush you teeth a day?
That depends on the season and the year..

>What was the most kickass action you and  dutchthreat have ever done?
Kosovo and Korea baby.. ;) The media jumped on that and they STILL think we where serious.

>What are your and Dutchthreat's future plans?
Haha..  just doing about anything that we think is cool without
giving fuck to what anybody says. People take www.dutchthreat.org serious but the website is just a tiny part of what we do and who we are..

For more info on Acos visit  visit his site at www.dutchthreat.org