Attic - From AIC (anti india crew). If people do not remember "free Kevin" of the epic "US vs China" defacements, it might be a good thing. There are some defacers that have a real message and AIC has a message. 

How did you acquire your nick?
Well we werent really interested in sum leet nick or sumthin all we wanted was a name to start . AIC ( Anti India Crew ) we chose this as our name cuz our main cause behind hacking was against INDIAN websites. 

What is your technical background? (Platforms, networking, programming)
I am doin CCNP ( cisco certified networking professional ) at the moment but my skillz are totally different than my technical background .. and i love exploring *nix and ofcourse im not a leet hax0r but i just started to code in c++ .. noone's a born hax0r right? 

Estimate how much time your spend online a day.During that time what activities do you perform?
Well i am online mostly after night timings .. during all that time .. we chill , chat , code , root , bleh blah .. and yea talk yo my luv :P 

Are you employed? If so what do you do for a living? 
no im not imployed .. just a student ... 

Are you in a stable relationship?
Im just workin alone for now .. we were 2 people before but due to sum messed up reasons we had to split .. 

What kind of thrill do you get out of hacking?
umm at times .. hacking is fun .. at times its just a way to keep u away from boredome .. at times u just feel like doing sumthing .. and thats when .. i start looking for indian websites :> 

What is the incentive that keeps you doing it?
its the feelin of getting more and more of it .. more and more more and more ... it shud be like .. nothing's impossible ... u just need a will .. u can do it !$@ anything vulnerable can be owned .. nomatter what it is ... so y loose hope? 

Is that really worth staying up all night for?
i guess its better than to sit whole night and keep askin people for a/s/l .. i think its better to just sit and look at the
screen scrolling .. and i think its much better .. than sitting and surfing dumb websites around the net .. 

What are you going to be doing in ten years?
i see myself as a networking or system administrator .. that is if .. fbi would let me be one :> 

What is it about the computer that makes it become such an obsession?
its just the greed of learning more and more .. and i dont think its a bad idea .. not at all . 

How old are you?
23 years bleh.. 

What kind of education do you have?
i have done my graduation in computer science and currently doin networking .. 

What was your first computer?
my first computer ... in life . was a 386 sx 40 mb HD 2 mb ram cga monitor .. eh .. phew ! 

What is your Favorite TV show?
i dont really watch tv .. but at times.. documentry's of animals make me sit infront of a tv for a while ... 

What is your Favorite music?
i cant hack if im not lissening to paul oakenfold ! 

What other hackers do you look up too?
i dont really look up to anyone .. its all about luck .. one should have faith in his ownself and that's my belief ! 

What computers do you have and what os's do you run on them?
i have a pentium III 350 mhz machine 128 mb ram 20 gb HG ... running on dual/OS windows/linux 

Most people have a message that they are trying to get across, do you have one, and what is it?
my message to world .. is clear in my defacements ... i started all this stuff against indian hackers .. who have nothing better to do in life rather than to card domains and make and html and then send emails .. tellin world they hacked it .. or else unicode is that they are good at .. they dont have skillz .. and they think they hacked MSN ... and basically our msg is for the innocent people being killed in jammu kashmir .. kashmiri womed getting raped and assaulted by indian soldiers .. their innocent little babies dying cuz of the bloodshed in kashmir... and u know whats the reason behind all this killing ? PIECE OF LAND !@$ .. now isnt that lame ? kashmir belongs to those people who are living in there since ages .. who are indians to claim it as their land and forcing innocent kashmiri people to leave their homeland .. how would u guys feel if sumone tries to take you out of your home ? and then above everything .. if u resist .. they call u a terrorist .. and they kill u .. i dont think sumone fighting for freedom should be called a terrorist .. they are freedom fighters .. they dont have to fight unless indians are forcing them to do it !$@ thus .. i think .. people must get an image.. from my above statements .. its not bullshit .. everyone knows what's happening in the world .. and as far as AIC is concerned .. it will keep on defacing and passing out this word all around the world proving our point how lame indians are and their network security is even worse ! 

Do you only deface the website you cracked into or do you use that computer for other hacking/cracking? 
i dont call myself a hacker .. i dont call myself a cracker .. but atleast i know .. my skillz are much better than those lameass
unicode indian kiddies who dont even know what *nix is !

What is your position on administrators contacting you once you have defaced their site? 
i have gotten lots of emails from admins .. all around the world .. whos websites were compromised .. AIC just started defacing .. its been just a month and a few days .. and the ratio of mails is alot more than it shud normally be .. we usually ignore their messages as long as they are threats for nothing .. else if they ask us for the patch n shit .. we gladly help them with it :> 

What reaction from an administrator surprised you the most? (Job offer etc?) 
yes .. i was surprised when i was offered for a job by an admin .. whos website got compromised .. and during that
defacment 180 domains got hitted .. it was fun :> 

Are you afraid of going to jail?
if thats how its gonna be ... noone can stop it .. and if not .. no one can make it happen .. so y fear ? its time to chill :> 

what hacking groups/hackers do you hangout with?
our channel #a-i-c @dalnet .. TonikGin,nu|L,savvycrew and a few more of our friends hang out in there but all we do is
chill everyone's busy with their own achievements most of the times :> 

what in your mind would be the ultimate defacement? .. if i ever deface that .. i'll just quit everything for good ! 

Do you feel that open source products are more secure then closed source?
think nothing .. and i mean NOTHING is secure :> 

Do you use mailing lists that are full disclosure (release exploits, source) to aid in hacking?
mailing lists are ghey :\

More information about the defacement done by AIC can be found here: