How did you acquire your nick?
I forgot 

What is your technical background? (Platforms, networking, programming)
win NT ;linux ; some perl coding and I started C programming 

Estimate how much time your spend online a day. During that time what activities do you perform?
to much and also to less Are you employed? 

If so what do you do for a living? (Not where!) 
its private , but its not computer related 

Are you in a stable relationship? 

What kind of thrill do you get out of hacking? 
A high profile deface gives me an adrenalinshot and then after a while I need another shot, thats why i can't stop. 

What is the incentive that keeps you doing it? 
I am a deface junky , I want to stop but I can't :) 

Is that really worth staying up all night for? 
yes but only if my girlfriend is not here, because than I have more important things to do :)) 

What are you going to be doing in ten years? 
dunno , I hope not doing any time for defacing sites 

What is it about the computer that makes it become such an obsession? 
I learn new things every day so I am never done with computers 

How old are you? 
not to old to do defaces 

What kind of education do you have? 

When was the first time you connected to the net? 
2 1/2 years ago 

Do you drive a car? If yes what type then 
I had a opel kadett but I sold it ,now I just ride my moms car, but that's just a peace of junk on wheels 

What was your first computer? 
PII 400 mhz 

What is the best website of the net? 
hmmm I haven't got one 

What is the worst website of the Internet? 

What is your Favorite TV show? 
jackass on mtv 

What is your Favorite music? 
techno/hardhouse :) 

What is your motivation? 
I still haven't figured that out 

What other hackers do you look up too? 
I have a few but I don't say their nicks. 

who are your role models (not people that hack)? 
Haven't got them 

What computers do you have and what os's do you run on them? 
pIII 933 mhz with linux AMD 1333 mhz with win2k 

Most people have a message that they are trying to get across, do you have one, and what is it? 
The message that most networkadmins think they are good but they suck 

Do you belong to a group of hackers/crackers? 
no just MNS 

Do you only deface the website you cracked into or do you use that computer for other hacking/cracking? just the ones
with no sites on it I use for further hacking 

What is your position on administrators contacting you once you have defaced their site? 
I help them secure the box 

What reaction from an administrator surprised you the most? (Job offer etc?) 

Are you afraid of going to jail? 
No not really 

Are there other hacking/cracking groups that impress you and why? 
yeah some whitehat hackers , I don't think they want their name on safemode 

what hacking groups/hackers do you hangout with? 
hm but they are whitehats. 

what in your mind would be the ultimate defacement? 

Do you feel that open source products are more secure then closed source? 

Do you use mailing lists that are full disclosure (release exploits, source) to aid in hacking? 
yes bugtraq 0wnz !!

More information about MNS can be found in our defacers section (see link above).