How did you acquire your nick? 
I was just thinking one day... Tonik sounded cool.. then Gin sounded cool.. put one and one together.. and ya got

What is your technical background? (Platforms, networking, programming) 
C programming, basic perl, html, electronics, mechanics. 

Estimate how much time your spend online a day. During that time what activities do you perform? 
Depends on the day. I spend about 8 hours a day on the internet during the weekend. Weekdays cut it low cause of limitations. 

Are you employed? If so what do you do for a living? 
Just got back from applying for a job ;) 

Are you in a stable relationship? 

What kind of thrill do you get out of hacking? 
Knowing i out smarted something that someone made. 

What is the incentive that keeps you doing it? 
The e-mails from admins thanking me for defacing their site, before a cracker got it and stole credit card numbers, or
destroyed the server. 

Is that really worth staying up all night for? 
Hell yeah! 

What are you going to be doing in ten years? 
I am going to college to study programming, and network administration. 

What is it about the computer that makes it become such an obsession? 
It doesn't bitch at you... it does what you want it to.. when you want it to.. and exactly the way you want it too. 

How old are you? 

What kind of education do you have? 

When was the first time you connected to the net? 
Third Grade 

Do you drive a car? If yes what type then 
Got the insurance, don't have the car. 

What was your first computer? 
Custom 133mhz, 16MB RAM, 

What is the best website of the net? 

What is the worst website of the Internet? 

What is your Favorite TV show? 

What is your Favorite music? 
Industrial Metal (Rob Zombie, Rammstein, NIN) 

What is your motivation? 

What other hackers do you look up too? 
nu|L, and poizonb0x group 

Who are your role models (not people that hack)? 
I model no-one... i feel that modeling yourself off another person is not an individual feature. 

What computers do you have and what os's do you run on them? 
755mhz Windows Me/Mandrake8, 

Most people have a message that they are trying to get across, do you haveone, and what is it? 
I switch... some defacements are just to add onto the total i have allready, and others are to get a message across.
Recently I did a move against Exxon Mobile and their seismic testings in North Russian waters. 

Do you belong to a group of hackers/crackers? 
No, just have friends. 

Do you only deface the website you cracked into or do you use that computer for other hacking/cracking? 
Nope, i just deface it, and leave my e-mail address for the admin to contact me with questions on how to patch the

What is your position on administrators contacting you once you have defacedtheir site? 
I strongly advise for him or her to contact me. If they do not contact me after a few weeks, I will sometimes e-mail them, seeing what measures they took to patch the hole. 

What reaction from an administrator surprised you the most? (Job offer etc?) 
When I hacked into the 4 RoadRunner ISP servers (hawaiian server was never mirrored), I was told that my information was submitted to the CyberCops, and they would push legal acton against me. 

Are you afraid of going to jail? 

Are there other hacking/cracking groups that impress you and why? 
AIC, they are for a great cause. 

What hacking groups/hackers do you hangout with? 
AIC, Net-Mafia, 

Do you feel that open source products are more secure then closed source? 
Yes, because a wider variety of people can analyze the software to check for bugs. 

Do you use mailing lists that are full disclosure (release exploits, source)to aid in hacking? 

Does having a web site make you easier to track down? 
No, be smart about how you do it, and what information you release about yourself or yourselves on it. By the way.. :) 

More information about Tonikgin can be found in the defacers section of our web site.