How did you acquire your nick?
xentric. Speaks for itself I guess... 

What is your technical background? (Platforms, networking, programming) 
I have always been fascinated with computers, electronic gadgets and toys. When I got my first computer I got some experience with debugging the games that I had. Then I got a real PC, only for playing games, but that changed pretty soon when I found out that you could make some quick and easy money with designing logos and making advertisement folders and websites for companies. After doing this for a year I got bored with it and wanted to do more with computers. I started an IT course where i learned how to program in Pascal and C. On that school they also gave networking classes on unix systems, and that's when the fun really started. 

Estimate how much time your spend online a day. During that time what activities do you perform? 
I am connected 24/7 but I spend about 3-6 hrs a day behind the computer, I'm connected to our IRC server most of the time and usually i'm looking for stuff that interests me or i'm reading posts on messageboards that I visit everyday. Hacking is kinda inbetween everything else... 

Are you employed? If so what do you do for a living? 
Nope, I'm in the final year of my aviation study. I'm currently studying for my European Airline Transport Pilot Licence. But I'm keeping my hacking skills sharp for the future, as pilots usually spend lot's of time in hotels or layovers between flights it will open up some opportunities to do some extra work as a security consultant. 

Are you in a stable relationship? 
No, not yet... 

What kind of thrill do you get out of hacking? 
What can I say, it's just that feeling when you finally get something done. You put lot's of effort into some hacks and I feel a rush of excitement whenever I succeed in doing something. What is the incentive that keeps you doing it? Curiosity, but I guess that it's not so much "why do you keep doing it" but more like something you just do whenever you want to, just because you can. And you learn new things everyday. 

Is that really worth staying up all night for? 
I look at it like this, why go to bed if you are almost there !? When I'm exited about something I can't sleep anyway. So it's no big deal to skip a nights sleep for something fun. 

What are you going to be doing in ten years? 
Fly my ass off on the mayor airliners and do some IT security consulting on the side. Plus a lot of hobby stuff like
programming, AI projects, robotics and building my own V12 monstercar. All the stuff I really don't have time & money for at the moment. 

What is it about the computer that makes it become such an obsession? 
I don't look at it as an obsession, more like a hobby and a certain lifestyle. Computers are so integrated into my life that I can't imagine life without it anymore. 

How old are you? 
I'm 24. 

What kind of education do you have? 
Ordinary level, one year architecture, two years of IT, and US commercial pilots licence and currently in the last year of my european ATPL course. 

When was the first time you connected to the net? 
Uhhh, a long time ago, after spending a night behind my friends internet PC... The following day I just had to have
internet myself. I guess that was in 1994. 

Do you drive a car? If yes what type then 
Yes ofcourse, it's an 1986 BMW 325i. For european standards it has lot's of power. 2.5 liter six cylinder, 170bhp. Okay, it looks old, it smells, and it makes a lot of noize... But for $1200 you really can't get more driving pleasure ! 

What was your first computer? 
If you can call it a computer, a Binatone TV Master MK6 Game Console, I think my parents bought it the same year I was born. I can still remember playing pong with my dad. But my first real computer was an MSX with the cassette-player and an old tv as monitor, after that I got a C64, a 386SX 33Mhz, a 486DX2 66Mhz, a Pentium 166Mhz, and finally my good old Pentium 233Mhz laptop. I also had some other computers to play with: Apple IIc, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, 286 8Mhz and a huge IBM 5085 from a local shipyard. Game consoles that I have had: NES, Atari Lynx, SNES and a Playstation. 

What is the best website of the net? 
There are lot's of really great sites, but my favorite is I always recommend that site to people who have lot's of questions :p 

What is the worst website of the Internet? 

What is your Favorite TV show? 
Jackass on MTV! 

What is your Favorite music? 
Trance, dance, techno, industrial, goa, ambient... I also like the Doors, Bob Marleye and lot's of other music. I've been a long time fan of the Prodigy, Future Sound of London and Aphex Twin. 

What is your motivation? 
Once again, CURIOSITY ! 

What other hackers do you look up too? 
Hmmz, there have been many great ones, but I really liked reading the good old stories from the LoD with Prophet,
Terminus and a whole bunch of other oldskool hackers. 

who are your role models (not people that hack)? 
I don't need to be like someone else. I'll just be myself. 

What computers do you have and what os's do you run on them? 
A laptop, Dell Latitude CP M233XT, 20Gb, with Windows and Linux on it. 

Most people have a message that they are trying to get across, do you have one, and what is it? 
Yeah, be yourself, make yourself usefull and don't screw up other peoples stuff. 

Do you belong to a group of hackers/crackers? 

Do you only deface the website you cracked into or do you use that computer for other hacking/cracking?
Usually I can't resist looking around for interesting stuff first, as I mentioned I'm really curious. After that I deface it or leave a backdoor so I can come back and use the system for other hacks. 

What is your position on administrators contacting you once you have defaced their site? 
I'm always willing to help them out. 

What reaction from an administrator surprised you the most? (Job offer etc?) 
It's not the reactions that suprise me, but the lack of effort they put into securing their systems. Even when they have been hacked and defaced they just keep ignoring the situation. That puzzles me everytime! 

Are you afraid of going to jail? 
No, but I have to be extra carefull because you don't get a job in the aviation industry when you have a criminal record. 

Are there other hacking/cracking groups that impress you and why? 
Yeah, there are many well coordinated crews who do a lot of spectacular things... 

what hacking groups/hackers do you hangout with? 
Just our own crew and some guys who hang around on our irc server, but I also have lot's of friends who keep their eyes open for new stuff and notify me when they find something cool. 

what in your mind would be the ultimate defacement? 
Uhh, something like putting the face of a person you really hate on the "Top10 most wanted people" list on the FBI
website. Wouldn't that be nice!? 

Do you feel that open source products are more secure then closed source? 
Open source has many advantages, as lot's of people can check it for errors and notify the development team when
something is found they can easily fix many mistakes in a reasonably short time. The open source community can take suggestions and improvements from outsiders and independent people/teams can work on new additions, features or concepts which can later be implemented or discarded at will. Closed source has the advantage of people not being able to steal your ideas and take away your profit. Security issues are dealt with internally and don't have to be disclosed to the public, but this is generally a really bad thing if a product can compromise the rest of the system. That's why I still believe that companies who are running closed source servers/services are just plain ignorant. 

Do you use mailing lists that are full disclosure (release exploits, source) to aid in hacking? 
Yes, plus I read a lot on a couple of good forums where lot's of guys post whatever interesting they can find. As I see it, keeping in touch with lot's of people is a good way to have fun, and a group will always be able to accomplish more than a single person.

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