If you don't know the guy then try to get a new hobby heh. A major tnx to Neon for being so kind to let us interview him. We all know him and the work he did with Rhino9. Now find out who he really is and what he's currently doing....

>How are you?

Tired. Working on many different things at once. Normal work, then I have my 
music side projects, and finally 3D graphics work.

>How did you get the name Neon surge ?

Ummm... its two words from two song/album titles by two different bands. 
Lots of two's :)   Anyways... Neon Dream from The Sisters of Mercy and Blue 
Surge from Skinny Puppy. I just put them together and it worked.

>When was the first time you connected to the internet ?

Hmm.. I guess it was around 88-89. Up until then I was mainly using BBS's 
and local X.25 dial-ups to play around with. Ofcourse the internet made 
learning so much easier for me because there was so much information out 

>What was your first computer ? And what computers do you own now ?

First computer was a Commodore64. From there I upgraded to a Commie128, and 
from there to a 486. Right now I own 2 pieces of shit... a Celeron 300 MMX 
and a P200.

>What is your favorite operating system ? and why ?

NT. Cuz thats what I like. I use Linux at times, but all of the stuff I 
really enjoy doing is much easier to do on an NT box. I get so tired of 
people going on and on about Unix and blah blah blah... if I need Unix, I 
telnet to one of our Linux, BSD or Solaris boxes. I just dont feel the need 
to run the shit on my box.

>Where and when where you born ?

Rota, Spain - 1973

>What kind of work do you do ?

Security Consultant. Mainly external penetration testing for NT based 
networks - tons of NT Webserver testing.

>How old are you?


>Are you still in close contact with Vacuum ?

We talk via e-mail but not as much as we used to. I dont think lack of 
communication would make things any different. Vac has a certain personality 
that makes it really easy to get along with him. Hes a really nice guy. I 
miss him - now that Im in germany.

>What do you think is the best thing ever  made by Rhino9 ?

Rhino9 was the best thing Rhino9 ever made :)  I had fun and made some 
really good friends in the process.

>What does the name Rhino9  meen ?

Its part of a NetBIOS naming system used within Microsofts internal network.

>What was the main that Rhino9 now a days no longer excist ?

We did our thing. It was time to call it quits.

>What pants are you wearing?

Ummm.. plain blue jeans.

>When you die how do you want the internet community to remember you ?

However they want to. Theres alot of people out there that hate me, many 
that dont think I know anything (cuz I special in NT - so ofcourse Im dumb 
you know). Theres certain people that really got to know me, its those 
people that I care about. I could care less what other people think.

>Are you currently working on some sort of project or did you join a new 
>team ?

Ive released some stuff with wiretrip and some new stuff with the ellicit 
team. Currently working on a personal NT Scanning tool. Mostly working on my 
music and graphics side projects.

>Can we a expect some new work of you soon ?

Yeah. Released a really shitty NT Scanner written in perl. It scans for alot 
of stuff. Check it out at security.ellicit.org - I know it sucks - keep your 
fuckin emails to yourself.

>Who do you like more: Bloodhound gang or Jennifer Lopez ?

Ummm... The Bloodhound Gang makes me laugh, so I guess I like them more.

>What do you think is the best web site of the net and what web site do you 
>think is the most fucked up?

I spend alot of time at securityfocus.com and alot of graphics related 
websites. I visit Misery In Motion's (really cool gfx guy) but he doesnt 
update it enough ;)

>In what programming languages can you code? and what language would you
>recomment to starters ?

I only code in perl (unless you count the old commie64 basic WOO-HOO). I 
like perl and found it really easy to grasp and make some really powerful 
stuff with, I recommend it for anyone, beginner or not.

>What are your favourite text files? and who are the people you look up too 

I really like the old school kinda stuff. It had alot of really good info in 
it. RFP's stuff is always a cool read.

I guess the person I look upto the most in the 'scene' would have to be 
horizon. Hes the hardest working code slinger I know. Much props. Outside of 
the scene I look upto alot of people... to name one, my Father.

Here are some links to get more info about Neon Surge..