Tnx Plasmoid fo being so kind to help us with this interview. Plasmoid is a known member of THC the german group and is active on 

>How did you get the name plasmoid and what was your previous name?
The name Plasmoid comes from the biological term "Plasmid". It has 
something to do with bacterias and RNA. 
My previous nick was "Mega <Realname>", damn, I was so lame, shame 
on me, but that's already 8 years ago. 

>How old are you?
I am 23, old enough for beer and girls. 

>What is your job and what education did you follow?
I am currently studying computer science at the free university of berlin. 
I spend my rare free time coding and hanging around in the scene, therefore 
some people call me lazy, because I don't "work" in a security company. 

>How long does THC excist and what was the main reason for starting it?
I am not one of the founders of THC, but eventhough I know a few things 
about THC :). THC was founded in 1996 by Van Hauser and other members of 
the german h/p/a scene. I myself joined in 1997. 
The first magazines and tools of THC mainly dealed with telecommunication 
security as Voice Mail Box and Private Branch Exchange systems. 

>When was the first time you touched a computer and how did you make your first connection to the internet?
The first computer I touched was Texas Instrument's TI-99a/4a, one of the 
first home computers produced in 1979. I was 10. 
My first internet connection was established by Wilkins over an owned local 

>What kind of systems do you have running? and what is your favority os?
At home I am using Solaris, OpenBSD and Linux. But I prefer Solaris, a 
commercial, stable and extreme comfortable operating system. (and be sure, 
all the GNU stuff works, as enlightenment/gnome...) 

>What with what kind of programming language's can you code?
c, java, x86, sparc and mips assembler and qbasic :) 

>What THC program/tekstfile/action is the one you like the most?
THC-Scan. I played hours with this tool scanning phone lines. 

>What kind of music do you listen too when your online? 1live?
I enjoy listening to house music whatever I do. 

>Who are the people you look(ed) up too (examples etc etc)?
I look up to all people that write amazing software, these are a lot. But 
I have to name John Carmack who inspired the computer game companies over 
several years and wrote marvelous code. 

>What is your favourite tv show?

>Plasmoid drive's a ------>
Fiat UNO (35 hours powers) 

>Are their any project's you and THC are working on right now?
I am still trying to optimize and improve my Solaris kernel module. Other 
THC projects are a kernel module backdoor for OpenBSD and the Windows 
security browser called Happy Browser. 

>What do you think about all the rds defacements that are happening on the net?
I don't care about defacements. Defacing a site is a little bit too 

>Most kewl site on the net? :) 

>Most fucked up/lame/script kiddy website online? --- you have to see it to believe it. 

>Have you been ever busted?
No I have never been busted, but a partner of mine was busted and I was 
really scared for some months. 

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