! The RFP Interview !

First i want to thank RFP for taking some time to fill in the interview!  We all know that he ment and means allot to the security and hacking scene. there for i'm glad we have this interview
> How old are you?

Well, put it this way...I'm older than a script kiddie. :)  For a basis
minimum age, I can legally drink alcohol.

> When was the first time you connected to the internet?

High school, using the test-based Delphi Internet service, where I had to
dial up to a X.25 pad and connect over.  They had an Internet gateway
where we could surf the net using lynx.

> Do you have any other hobby's besides the internet?

I like to ride my motorcycle around--every August I ride out to Sturgis,
SD.  I also like to go out to clubs and whatnot, but I don't know if that
constitutes a 'hobby'. :)

> What magazine's do you read?

Maxim!  By far the elitest.  Plus a scattering of other computer mags.

> How many time's do you go to the toilet?

Never.  I have an advanced biomechanical toxin/waste recycling system that
eliminates the need for me to have to expel waste.  Combined with my
self-sustaining nutrient provider, I can hack for 36 hours straight
without getting up. :)

> What kind of computer(s) do you have? and what operating system's do you run?

A mish-mash of Pentiums, running Win95, NT, and Linux.  Half the systems
use removable hard drives so I can swap different OSes in and out, for
testing and research.  I had FreeBSD at one point, but I admit having no
BSD skills, so I canned it in favor of Linux.

> What is the speed of your internet connection?

384K bidirectional cable modem.

> Can you expain why you chose rain.forest.puppy as your nick? and what
> nick did you use before that?

It was something that I saw as grafitti on an elevator.  Etched into the
side of the wall it said 'Save the whales, rain forests, puppies, baby
seals...'.  I saw the words together, and just decided it 'works'.  The
next day I thought it would make a good nick, perhaps over-analyzed how
good it would be, and went with it.  A month later it was the name on my
submitted Phrack article, and some months after that Phrack was published.

Prior to that I used 'Cailleach', but only on local BBSes (i.e. not on the

> Lamest site of the net?

www.antionline.com  I can't believe the amount of misinformation and lack
of journalistic integrity that spews forth at a constant rate.

> Do you have a wife? or kid's?

Neither, although I want both; and if I had it my way, it would be sooner
rather than later.

> What is your favorite movie and music?

My prefered music is definately techno/trance.  Favorite movie?  Argh, I
dunno.  I just watched 'Cube', which completely rocks (buy the DVD, the
commentary is awesome).

> When and at what age did you post your first security advisor?

My first RFP 'advisory', or at least research release, was my article in
Phrack 54 on Dec 25th, 1998.

> When and at what age did you write your first security patch?

Patch?  Hmmm, well, I haven't necessarily written 'patches' for anything,
other than make some recommendations on how to fix the problems I've

> How many hours (a day) are you online?

Considering my work entails me being online a lot, 10 hours average.

> Are there people do you look up to? (internet related)

All groups making a contribution to the community.  L0pht, NMRC,
Attrition, Technotronic.  People who are contributing to the community
because they want to, finding time outside their normal schedules to do

> What website's do you visit alot?

Technotronic, PacketStorm, HackerNews, and SecurityFocus on a daily basis.
Lots of other sites sporadically.

> What kind of work do you do (beside's being rfp) ?

I'm a security consultant by day (surprise?).

For more info on rain.forest.puppy visit his site at www.wiretrip.net/rfp