..The Vacuum Interview..

First we want to thank Vacuum for being so kind by letting us interview him while he was working. Vacuum is well known on the net and probably anyone that has some interest's in the hacking/security scene know's him, Rhino9, or technotronic... The interview is in irc format

Session Start: Mon Feb 07 20:01:33 2000

<zillion>When was the first time you connected to the internet?
<vac_> around 90-91 with prodigy heh
<zillion> what kind of computers do you have right now and what os's do you have installed on them?
<vac_> athlon 700 (win2k/linux mandrake 7)
<vac_> P75 - openbsd 2.6
<vac_> plus some other machines running solaris and hp/ux
<zillion> wich is you favourite? (athlon probably)
<vac_> they arell serve diff purposes, but the athlin is my main box
<zillion> Can you tel me some background information about rhino9?
<vac_> r9 was founded by myself and neonsurge
<vac_> our initial focus was on NT
<vac_> but then we got horizon on board and my focus also changed to unix variants and coding
<vac_> r9 is currently dead
<zillion> so now all you energy goes to technotronics?
<vac_> and wiretrip
<zillion> so how are your connections with rfp?
<vac_> we live in same city and see each other pretty much weekly
<vac_> we are friends in real life
<zillion> aight......
<zillion>so how old are you?
<vac_> 28
<zillion> and what kind of education did you folow?
<vac_> electrical engineering degree currently persuing CIS degree
<zillion> and you work with rfp as a security consultant?
<vac_> no we have different jobs
<vac_> i am friends with his entire company though
<zillion> now something different
<zillion> what is your favourite site on the net?
<vac_> hrmm nothing in particular freshmeat.net/securityfocus.com i guess
<vac_> i am more into mailing lists than www surfing
<zillion> btw don't you get crazy of mailing list's? sometime you get a couple mail's a day and on other day's you get ton's of mail
<vac_> bugtraq of course ntbugtraq the microsoft security list and various vendor lists of course
<vac_> subscribe digest mode :)
<zillion> aight
<zillion> and what is the most lame site then?
<vac_> antionline
<zillion> does attrition pay for the banner on technotronics?
<vac_> jericho and i are friends
<zillion> it's a small world ain't it
<vac_> he is a friend he supports technotronic i support attrition. attrition rules
<zillion> what music do you prever?
<vac_> techno/industrial
<zillion> and what tv show's do you watch? or folow?
<vac_> i dont watch tv. ever.
<zillion> hehe
<zillion> me neither but it's allway's on
<zillion> do you have a girl? or woman
<vac_> yes, and you cant have her
<zillion> damn
<zillion> i hope she's related to the net too??
<vac_> she has a laptop, so she's a keeper
<zillion> The MHDR
<zillion> how long did it take to write it?
<vac_> neon wrote 90% of it, i dunno i actually dont like the MHDR
<vac_> rm it from your system
<vac_> it isnt very original
<zillion> What are your favourite text files?
<vac_> hrmm everything is out of date. I would just say anything from phrack
<zillion> ok tnx, i'm out of questions
<zillion> or...
<zillion> vacuum tnx for helping me!
<vac_> no problem
<zillion> cya
<vac_> later

Session Close: Mon Feb 07 20:22:31 2000

for more information about vacuum visit his site www.technotronic.com