About safemode.org

Safemode.org was founded by me, zillion, in 1998 and started with the mirroring of defacements in the winter of 1999. Inspired by the work of great web sites such as Dutchthreat.nl and Attrition.org I started to mirror web site defacements with only 300 very expensive megs of space of which I ran out at the beginning of 2000. At that time Mystakill offered me dedicated hosting on a system which was connected trough an DSL line. I took this generous offer and the web site was hosted on that box for quite some time. Together with mystakill we went trough a lot of shit ;/. We have had a hard disk crash, DDoS attacks, a lot ISP trouble due to tons of abuse mails and where eventually kicked from one ISP. After being hosted by Mystakill, safemode.org was kindly hosted on a system provided via Alan from packetstormsecurity.org. Recently, the system has been shutdown and the site is currently hosted in the basement of h0bbes.

Now you must be wondering.. started in the winter of 1999 ? where is the rest of the archive ? well as already said we have had a disk crash in the early beginnings of the web site and by then backups where not regularly made due to disk shortage. There are quite some other holes in the archive all cause by connectivity problems and system screw ups, heh ;-). Having these holes kinda sucks but you must realize that this mirror is mostly created by one person.

Our mirror should be used as an eye opener to show the people that the internet is not as save as your free provider is claiming. Even the biggest companies and best security web sites do get hacked and often trough method that could have been prevented. One must know that the biggest amount of web sites mirrored on our server where compromised trough known security holes with public exploits.

If you follow bugtraq and other security lists you'll known that a nice piece of secure software is hard to find. Even the greatest web server Apache has suffered from security issues in the past. If you run a default IIS 4.0 it is more likeley that you'll get hacked then when you bind a passwordless root shell to an unknown port on your system. The safemode mirror was closed on 24-01-2002 because the workload was getting to high and the site was beginnig to become to much a stimulating factor for defacers. With the defacement mirror we collected approach 15.000 defacements of all kinds . The safemode defacement collection is copyrighted material an cannot be used by third parties without our permission. Requests for using the information provided by our mirror should be directed to zillion.