What is Dell BIOS? connect BIOSConnect provides an underlying platform that allows the BIOS to connect to the Dell HTTPs backend and boot using the https method. Thus, you can restore a user, this one if the local hard disk image is damaged, replaced or missing.

The BIOSConnect feature can provide a network-based SOS Boot Recovery feature to perform HTTP fog downloads to a local RAMDisk and gives control over the OS image of the loaded service to perform the boot.

The BIOSConnect feature provides a networked SOS boot recovery capability by performing HTTP downloads from the cloud to this local RAMDisk and transferring control of the downloaded service OS image when you need to take corrective action.


A computer security planner at Eclypsium, Inc. discovered four vulnerabilities in the Dell BIOSConnect functionality in SupportAssist. They reported what they found on the website, where they described the vulnerability as high.

How do I turn off BIOS connection?

Turn on or wake up your computer.
Press F2 to enter system settings.
Go to SupportAssist in the left pane.
In the right pane, click BIOSConnect. Or
uncheck Enable Bioconnect, enable to or disable BIOSConnect.
Press f10 to save changes and exit.

Dell Computer Technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal computers. As part of their hard work in supporting their customers, the industry has begun installing a BIOS-based application called SupportAssist, which, as the name suggests, is designed to allow Dell gurus to provide remote support to users. Dell may even pre-install another BIOS application called BIOS Bios Connect on computers, allowing the company to install the BIOS sold with this product. As part of a new effort, the entire Eclypsium team has discovered a vulnerability in the home security chain that could allow what they call “intruders” to gain access to the boot process on a computer.Users who may be targeted to download hostile software. Posted by

How do I enable BIOS connection?

Starting the BIOS you enter
You can also launch BIOSConnect by pressing the F12 key and selecting SupportAssist OS Recovery from the BIOS launch panel. When your computer is not booting properly so that you can boot it into the operating system after many attempts, a pre-boot system performance evaluation is initiated.

Eclypsium: Our issues were discovered by Dell last March, and Dell quickly wrote a security advisory to our readers and started working on a fix. Two patches have been finalized and updated on the machines – on the server side, the other two – after uploading to the Dell cloud site. Repair of these vehicles is now available for affected visitors; For those who have also turned on Dell Automatic Updates, you may not need to worry as the updates have probably already happened for them.

The vulnerability likely affected 129 different Dell builds, from laptops to desktop iPads, and affected approximately 33 million computers worldwide. One of the vulnerabilities relates to connections ranging from Dell updates and BIOS servers, which could allow an attacker to instantly update a computer on any adversary computer. The remaining three vulnerabilities were listed as overflow vulnerabilities.

How do I enable BIOS connection?

Start entering BIOS
You can also launch BIOSConnect by pressing the F12 key and selecting the SupportAssist OS Recovery option from the BIOS launchpad. If the computer fails to boot to the operating system after repeated attempts, an error is triggered. boot performance check of the device.

Technical groupEclypsium noted on its website that, in particular, any attack aimed at revealing a vulnerability would result in the redirection of users’ computers, which again increases the likelihood of opening a security hole in the security system of individual users. Such attacks could be aimed at large corporations, which have much in common with opponents of profit.

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How do I enable BIOS connection?

Start entering BIOS
You can also launch Biosconnect by pressing F12 and selecting the SupportAssist OS Recovery option from the BIOS launchpad. If your electronic computer does not boot into the current operating system even after repeated attempts, a pre-boot performance system check is always initiated.

How do I turn off BIOS connection?

Turn on or restart your computer.
Press F2 to enter system settings.
In the rendered area, click SupportAssist.
On the right side, click BIOSConnect.
Select or clear the Enable BIOSConnect check box to enable or disable BIOSConnect.
Press F10 to save each of our changes and exit.

How do I enable SupportAssist OS recovery in BIOS?

If you frequently see the Dell logo, press F12 to enter the BIOS setup program. Depending on your BIOS version, go to Support Assist System Resolution or SupportAssist. Go to SupportAssist OS Recovery. Check the box to configure SupportAssist OS Recovery or SupportAssist depending on the BIOS version.