You need a deployment that often includes both SIP software and BootROM

7. Question October 2011: How do I set up/deploy/boot the phone?
Solution: check =>here<=

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  1. Get your phone’s administrator password.

    Who is my telephone administrator?

    If your good phone or adapter is running UC4.0 or higher firmware, you (polycom) cannot use the manufacturer’s default password to access your mobile device’s administrator settings. Your default password is UC4.0+ firmware:
    – 456
    – MAC password

  2. Reboot your phone by pressing the Start/Menu button and selecting Settings > General > Restart.
  3. While the phone is constantly booting up, press the sensitive “Settings” button. It may take some time to display the key.
  4. Enter your preferred phone password and click OK.
  5. Scroll down to “Server Menu” and select it.
  6. Click “Edit” on the server type.
  7. However, use your arrow key to scroll until ‘HTTP’ is very limited, and then click ‘OK’.
  8. On server address Marketing “Edit”.
  9. Enter the appropriate server address for your phone model.
    – SoundPoint IP models:
    – VVX models:
  10. Expand DHCP menu, change boot server to static.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Double-click Exit (for IP 335 users: left arrow key), then save and restart your computer.
  13. The phone will reboot twice, updating BootROM version 4.0.4.
  1. In the menu of some phones, select “Local menu / Home” – “Settings” – “Advanced” (password 456) – “Settings” – “Administration network setup”.
  2. Configure DHCP as follows:
    – On a phone with firmware3.x: Main menu – Settings – Advanced administrator settings – Settings – Network configuration – DHCP menu.
    – On a 4.x/5.x phone: Firmware Main Menu → Settings → Advanced → Settings → Admin Network Configuration → Provisioning Server → DHCP Menu.
    – Install the boot server as follows: Install static
    – Type BootSrv at: IP address
  3. On the provisioning server menu, select HTTP as the website type.
  4. Change the server address to: or
    A. Where “XXX” is the type of firmware you are upgrading or downgrading.
    Downgrade example: OR

    B. Available firmware themes include:


After you have entered the extended server address and firmware version, do not forget to exit the menu until you are prompted to save and restart your computer.

How to check the latest version of sap crypto library?

Make sure the latest entry from the SAP encryption library has been posted. To check your SAP Crypto Library version, go to STRUST, select Environment -> View SSF Version. Loading SAML 2 Service Provider metadata results in the following error: System terminated with system error 403 and reason Forbidden.

The phone may reboot multiple times and show different states, and may downgrade or upgrade the firmware configuration.

If your phone adapter can run UC4.0 or higher firmware, you (Polycom) probably won’t be able to use the manufacturer’s default password to access your phone’s administrative settings. Default password for firmware other than UC4.0+:
– 456
– Password

Macbook Pro

The alternative 1/A/a on the phone changes the basic input type. The leftmost character is usually the current input type. For example, 1/A/a would be printed where telephone numbers such as a/a/1 are entered here in upper case.

This is because after updating or downgrading the phone firmware from the free Polycom Firmware Server, you need to set the Boot Server back to Custom+Opt.66 and the BootSrv type back-string to make sure the phone is properly configured for your phone. PBX.

What does sap note 1646042 mean in OBN?

The attribute is displayed. SAP Note 1646042 will make it easy for many customers to provide all the information they need to analyze OBN scenarios. When you have completely processed the OBN message, make sure that these 12 elements are in the process of being exchanged to speed up the message resolution type.