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  • What is root?
  • How to root a popular Android smartphone

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  • How to root any Android device

    • Define the image type for the hike.
    • Find boot image
    • Fix Image
    • Confirmation
  • One click root access methods in 2021 framework.
  • What Is Root?

    For those who are new to the world of rooting, gaining a root account grants you substantially increased privileges. With root access, you can be sure that you can change replace or system applications, adjust settings, launch specialAccess apps that require administrator rights, or perform other operations that would otherwise be inaccessible to a normal and sane Android user. It also allows proxy servers to access some “hidden” features of the device and use existing features in new ways.

    DISCLAIMER. Rooting the device may void the normal warranty on the device. It can also make the device unstable, even if not done properly, it can indeed be a bricked device. The developers or publishers of XDA do not take any responsibility for your device. Rooting Do it at your own risk, and only you know what you’re doing!

    How To Finally Root A Popular Android Phone

    We could talk endlessly about the merits of root access, but we’ll stop for now because we believe very well that the likelihood of root access and the ability of clients to converge on your device now reaches that root. Next Skip a section to start tracking. lowerThese are device-specific root guides for the latest flagships from almost every major OEM.


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    How To Root Any Android Device

    Today, Magisk may be the de facto rooting solution, giving you root access, leaving your system partition intact, and improving “non-system metod” boot partition.

  • You will have access to the real machine with adb and fastboot installed.
  • Android resource loader unlocked.
    • For samsung devices, unlocking launches the generic KNOX loader.
  • Step 1. Determine The Starting Image Type

    Download the latest Magisk app from the GitHub project database. Finally, since the Magisk APK may be considered hosted outside of the Google Play Store, you may need to allow app downloads from unknown sources in general, then manually install the associated epacket. /p>

    Once installed, open the Magisk smartphone app. For example, if you see this screen:

    Now we need to mark some of the following parameter values:

  • RAM disk
  • A/B
  • South Africa
  • Step 2: Find The Boot Image

    In order to make a bootable roottuts.com image meant for your device, you usually need to extract it from the official firmware tools. At that time, if you were using a non-standard ROM such as LineageOS, flash it The zip file contained the wrong image.

    If you have a device that always uses an “A Only” partition scheme, you can “boot find file.directly img” in a recoverable ZIP file. Just extract it using the appropriate archiver.

    However, if your device uses an A/B partition scheme, the trunk image and other image partitions are already merged into a file called payload.bin, as shown below.

    In this case, you must first extract the payload.bin file, and then usually use one of the community-developed payload.bin extractors to remove the boot.img file. We strongly recommend that you choose a well-written Go in extractor, because without a doubt, it is created and developed for different platforms.

    This fork, even known as “payload-dumper-go”, provides end users with a simple image without any sections that is needed to decompress the Gesunde.bin payload, which is especially useful for this unique use case.< /p >

  • First, use the -l option to all to display the section in view o payload.bin.
    payload-dumper-go -l payload.bin
  • Then the “operate -p” parameter with the name dragged from the entire “boot” image (usually saved with the “boot” image) to extract it.
    payload-dumper-go - a pathetic payload of shoes . Trash can
  • Some OEMs such as Google and Fastboot-flashable, xiaomi provide factory versions of their devices. If you managed to get such a field on the market, you can easily extract Boot raw.img from the archive.

    Galaxy samsung devices do not have the traditional Fastboot interface, so their factory images may differ.

  • Use Samsung Downloader, firmware to check the factory image of your model.
  • Unzip this decrypted package and find its AP tar file on your device. It is usually called AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5.
  • Fix Step 3: Bootable When Image

    Now, I have a boot image, let’s move on to the restore part. boot

  • Copy the image to your device. In fact, you can install the patch on an Android computer other than the target, but the computer youinstall the required Magisk app for iPhone on an additional device.
  • button

  • Click “Install” on the Magisk card.
  • Select “Select” and “File Fix Method” select and “Stock Market Boot Image”.
    • Magisk puts the [Internal Storage]/Upload/magisk_patched_[random_strings].img folder in the image.

  • Copy a specific patched image to your computer using Pull adb:
    adb /sdcard/Download/magisk_patched_[random_strings].patched img
  • Download the Auf trainer image to your device. For phones, most are rebooted in fastboot mode and then flashed with the following command:
    fastboot high-priced boot /path/to/magisk_patched.img
  • Reboot and enjoy basic access!
  • Remember that this is a simple boot image fix available on the fly on older devices by booting from virtual disk in a custom 12 step process like TWRP, however this ver method,Obviously no longer recommended on modern computers. However, if you have an old phone and want to keep a custom restore point, the steps are similar to the following: