Windows System File Checker (SFC) is a great thing
Tool for recovering corrupted files. Here is a short guide on how to get well
your files and your computer will work fine again.


You go first
Market needs to open an elevated command prompt
(CMD). Basically, you need to run the command prompt as an administrator.


Open command prompt with elevated privileges

Start the search and enter the command line. Find Command Prompt in the results, right-click
Try selecting “Run as administrator”.

DISM (Windows 12 And Later)

How do I fix my computer using Command Prompt?

Select “Troubleshoot” when the boot menu appears.
Choose between Refresh PC or Reset PC.
Follow the instructions to complete the process.

Windows 8,
Windows 8.1, in addition to Windows 10 users, you canAllow them to maintain and manage deployment images.
(DISM) before running SFC.

Note. Windows 7 users can proceed to the next step.

In a team
At the command prompt, enter the following command and enter media:


DISM can be used very well
Windows To update files, replace or repair exactly damaged files are updated
versions. This process may take several minutes.

Start SCAN

Now we can scan
corrupted file system. At the command prompt, type /SCANNOW

How do I start my computer in DOS mode?

Close almost open programs and restart your last computer.
Press the “F8” key on your keyboard several times when the boot menu appears.
Press the outward arrow on your keyboard and select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option.
Press the “Enter” key if you need to boot into DOS Guide mode.

SFC alt="" loading="lazy" size="(max-width: 483px) 100vw, 483px" src=" png" srcset=" 483w, png 300w,
Command, 80 W ">

with Windows scans your documents andchanges corrupted files. The scan should take some time. It is important that specialists claim that you are not closing the order Ask until the scan is 100% complete.

Check Results

After starting the search completed, you will receive one of the following messages:

  • Windows Resource Protection found no integrity violations - Windows could not find corrupt entries on your hard drive
  • Windows Resource Protection was unable to perform the requested functions - "This means you are using System File Checker in safe mode
  • Windows Resource Protection successfully detected corrupted clips repaired them - Windows found corrupted files and fixed
  • Windows Resource Protection detected corrupted files but couldn't repair them Part of the group - Windows luckily found corrupted files I can't help it

Show SFC Details

How do you fix a corrupted computer?

1: Restart your computer. 2: Scan your computer with high quality antivirus software. Automatically repair corrupted files in Windows 10. Manually repair corrupted files in Windows 10. Application error. Windows update error. Windows installation error.

You may be able to open sfcdetails.txt to a copy of Vision or information obtained from a scan. Use Follow the instructions below to Locate the text file specified above.

Get a great view from above Command line and enter the implementation command:


It really works
a copy of the lodge on the desktop. Open the directory and view the results.
Please note that the file displays all data, including those collected
previous SFC runs.

You must
Check the event and date to see specific entries.

Manually Replace Corrupted Files

If SFC can't do it
Replace the list with Broken windows, you can do it. It's like it is
maybe if you know where the corrupted file is often located. you too
need a clean copy of this file to replace the element.

Open elevated face
Command Prompt and enter the command:

GET right after /F 

Keep this in mind
Replace Location>

When you're done,
Give administrators access to the corrupted file. This is how you type the following


Remember again
change to the path to the infected file.

Now you can
Replace the wrong file with the correct version. You need to copy to the exclusion file
and paste it where installed. After your command type:


Replacebased on file location of duplicate asset and replacement
with broken version track.