> Have you been in “hacker” groups before? And what are you doing there
> Was NMAP so successful before?

Before Nmap, I worked on several other security resources. As
“Exploit the World” (which still exists, but is too outdated). My
the previous page was called “Fedor’s Theater”. Before that I was
mostly active on (602) local BBS.

> How many computers do you have at home now?

Well, in order to develop network exploration tools like Nmap, you need
It is important that I have a decent network at home. At least this
I continue to buy new boxes under the pretext :). We’ll see
I currently have the following computers:

5 Linux boxes (amy; db; hopeless; playground; zardoz)
1 box of FreeBSD version 3.0 (Liberty)
1 box of OpenBSD 2.5 (vectra)
4 Solaris boxes (one IPC, SLC, ELC and Sparc2)
2 HP Envizex X Terms of Service
1 HP 382 Workstation (currently out of service)

With this network, I don’t need to heat the apartment :).

> What operating systems do you work with and which one do you like best?

As you can see from the above list, I prefer Linux :). But I think
* BSDs are good too. And Solaris also has its good points. I have
never really liked IRIX, HP-UX, Windows or VMS.

> What interests you outside of the IT world?

I love rock climbing, hiking, shooting and jogging. I appreciate
Travel and explore uncharted cities.

I also spend a lot of time reading books (science fiction; computer science
Crime), newspapers (New York Times; WSJ), magazines (Scientific
Americans, Barrons) and others.

> What would you call the second best port scanner?
> in stock?

I always thought the classic scanner strobe [1] was the good part
Software. Another excellent (more recent) scanner is Antirez hping2 [2].

[1] http://www.insecure.org/nmap/scanners/strobe-1.03.tgz
[2] http://www.kyuzz.org/antirez/hping/


> Are there other projects you are working on?

I am currently working on several. Besides the improvements to nmap, I
I am working on an important addition to my website that will
announced shortly. I am also working on several other projects: nsock,
ncrack and sd. I’m not a fan of perfumery, so I’ll keep the details.
until they are finished.

> What do you like best and want to share?
> Bookmark?

I have many different interests on the Internet, but here are mine
Favorite sites:

[ Safety ]

Unsicher.org of course :). Hackernews.com;
Technotronic.com; Tons of mailing lists.


www.nytimes.com; www.lwn.net; www.slashdot.org;
www.advogato.org; www.wsj.com; Mailing lists


citation.yahoo.com; www.barrons.com; www.smartmmoney.com

> Did you help eeye with the nmap port? What if it was faster;)?

I helped a little to understand the internal structure of nmap.
But I didn’t help port it to Windows as such. And no
Be careful, it is not faster than the UNIX version :). If ever NmapNT
becomes competitive in this regard, I immediately move on to my
Profile and start optimizing 🙂

To learn more about Fedor, be sure to visit his website!


and shame on you if you haven’t been here yet:


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