This website is an open source initiative often referred to as a “wiki”. It is intended to document COBIT ™ in plain English, including implementation issues.

“Open” in this context means that everyone can be involved in the process. You can edit existing pages to improve them, or even add new pages. See the QwikiSyntax page for details on how to achieve this.

Hopefully together we can create the best COBIT support resource.

What is COBIT ™?
COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It is an open IT control and security standard with 6 elements: a summary, governance guidelines, control objectives, COBIT framework, audit guidelines, and implementation toolkit.

We are currently preparing a COBIT FAQ.

COBIT projects
We are implementing a number of sub-projects in support of COBIT ™. This includes the above FAQs, a set of implementation notes, the development of COBIT-specific security recommendations, an introduction to COSO, and the COBIT article library.

External resources and support
User Community and Forum: COBIT Forums
Resources and Support: COBIT Toolkit
COBIT co-owner: ITGI

Contact: We can be contacted on the website via our contact page.

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Brand awareness: COBIT is a registered trademark of ISACA and the IT Governance Institute.

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