In your own words, what are a hackers and crackers?
a cracker is somebody who does illegal things, a hacker does not 

You are a (hacker / cracker) 
i am a cracker 

How did you acquire your nick? 
i used to be a fanatic dj, i made music using impulse tracker, my dj name was Dj Darkforce, but after a while i changed it to D-Force 

What is your technical background? (Platforms, networking, programming) 
i have had a lot of different operating systems (bsd, linux, winnt), i learned a lot of those systems trough the years, my programming skillz are not so good, i can only c0de in php and pascal and a bit c/c++. 

Estimate how much time your spend online a day. During that time what activities do you perform? 
3/4 hours a day, most of the time around midnight 

Are you employed? If so what do you do for a living? 
i work at a webdesign company, we make porn sites, and i still go to school 

Are you in a stable relationship? 
no, so girls... call me now !!! 

What kind of thrill do you get out of hacking? 
it just gives me a rush when i deface sites 

What is the incentive that keeps you doing it? 
that *big* company's still dont secure there servers 

Is that really worth staying up all night for? 

What are you going to be doing in ten years? 
i hope to be a unix sysadmin or a cisco engineer 

What is it about the computer that makes it become such an obsession? 
it is just fun, and you get to now a lot of c00l people 

How old are you? 
20 - 2 = ?? 

What kind of education do you have? 
MBO Technical Informatica 

When was the first time you connected to the net? 
hmmm... i think in 1997 

Do you drive a car?  
no car :-( 

What was your first computer? 
a compaq 386sx 

What is the best website of the net? 

What is the worst website of the Internet? 

Favorite TV show? 
X Files 

Favorite music? 
hardcore - oldschool - hardtrance 

What is your motivation and who are your role models? 
i motivate myself :-) - the guys of ADM make really kick ass exploits, they are my role models 

What computers do you have and what os's do you run on them? 
i have a Pentium II 266mhz it runs Winnt5.0 and FreeBSD 4.2 - and in a few weeks i will have a Amd Athlon 1200mhz  ;-) 

Most people have a message that they are trying to get across, do you have one, and what is it?
my message is that all *big* company's are not secure, they must pay more attention to the security of there sites !!! 

Do you belong to a group of hackers/crackers? 
yes, i am a member of WoH 

Do you only deface the website you cracked into or do you use that computer for other hacking/cracking? 
most of the time i only deface the site 

What is your position on administrators contacting you once you have defaced their site? 
i always help them to secure there server 

What reaction from an administrator surprised you the most? (Job offer etc?) 
once a admin gave me 5 free hosting accounts, that was pretty c00l 

Are you afraid of going to jail? 
i ph33r nothing, only myself 

Are there other hacking/cracking groups that impress you and why? 
i respect the guys from Silver Lords because they have defaced a lot !!! 

Do you feel that open source products are more secure then closed source? 
i think that open source products are a lot more secure than closed ones (GNU VS Microsoft)

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